Long wallet with clean backside

The story behind this wallet

The Linael Long Wallet was one of our first designs that we launched to the market and since then it has been a product with very good reception among our clients. But since each client is unique and special, one of them asked us to make the Linael Long Wallet for her but without the outside coin-holder.

In this case, the redesign pretty straight forward to do and we didn´t require the clients validation of the new design. It was only about making the wallet lighter and thinner, but maintaining the minimalist outlook of all Linael products.

* Do not hesitate to ask us for any leather/color you want and we will talk with our partners in order to find the best quality leather in the color you requested. This may take a little longer than using a leather from our stock.

Additional information

Weight: 85 gr.

Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm x 1,5cm

Color: Gold green

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