Deluxe wallet in passion red

The story behind this wallet

This wallet was fully created from scratch to fulfill the needs of one of our customers. She was very happy with a similar wallet but that wallet got old and partially broken.

She contacted us and asked to replicate her old wallet but adding a Linael design touch. We drafted a design proposal and even showed her couple of red leathers from our stock, in order to choose the external texture that she wanted.

Once the design and aesthetics were agreed, we made the wallet in few days and shipped it to her. She was very pleased to have a brand new wallet, with premium qaulity goat leather and even keep all the liked features from the old wallet.

*Feel free to ask us for any color you would like and we will talk to our partners and find the best quality leather in the color you requested. This might take a bit longer than if a leather from our stock is used.

Additional information

Weight: 95 gr.

Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm x 3cm

Color: Red

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