iPad mini cover

The story behind this case

A customer once told us that she had just bought a new tablet and that she would like to have a custom-made case for it, since the cases she could get in the official store weren’t what she wanted.

We discussed the aesthetics and the functional requirements of the case. She requested us to add some decorative details to the front of the cover and after sending her some design proposals, she opted for a beautiful lacing with white leather and a fancy arrow shape. After agreeing on all the details I started with the product making.

*Do not hesitate to ask us for any leather/color you want and we will talk with our partners in order to find the best quality leather in the color you requested. This may take a little longer than using a leather from our stock.

Additional information

Weight: 136 gr.

Dimensions: 208cm x 14,5cm x 0,9cm

Color: Blue

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